Using photography to nurture good mental health and help us get through lockdown.

Like all creative pursuits, photography can be an amazing way to nurture your mental health and express yourself. The Lockdown Photography Collective has been put together as a response to the lockdown many of us have found ourselves in during the 2020 pandemic. It’s here for anyone interested in developing their photography skills at home in a fun, no-pressure, community-minded way, and for people to connect through a common interest. Join us to boost your skills through fun challenges and projects, and tap the hive-mind for collaborative, practical learning.

The less gear you use, the more you grow as a photographer. Although there are fewer options available, you'll find more creative ways to capture what you feel. In a way, all your technical options before turn into creative solutions that improve your photography even more.

Marius Vieth


Who is the Lockdown Photography Collective for?

We’re here for those who want to learn more about photography and photo editing – be that on mobile phone, digital camera or film – using practical tasks and projects, and by sharing, experimenting and collaborating. And for those who’d like to use their photography therapeutically. While we’re in lockdown, projects and tasks are focussed on what we can do at home and in the garden. Once we begin to be able to move out of lockdown, we’ll be able to expand what we do.

What kind of photography do we do?

We do all sorts, but there’s a heavy lean towards documentary photography (including street photography), and arts, culture and heritage.

Projects and tasks not only help you understand the the technical skills of taking a photo, but also composition, being artistic with your photography, and editing your photos on computers and phones.

Is it free to join?

Yes, the group is completely free to join. We want to make the group available to anyone who wants or needs us as we go through such a disruptive time in our lives.

However, we’re run by a freelance photographer who doesn’t have a salary to rely on during lockdown, so for those who would like to support the community, there’s a donation form at the bottom of this page.

If you don’t want to join the community, we’ll post weekly tasks to this website and to our Instagram account, and you can have a go anyway.

About Julia

The LPC has been set up by me, Julia Thorne, a photographer and Egyptologist. I’ve started this community to help people use photography to cope with the Covid-19 lockdown. I’ve been using photography for to support my mental health for the last few years for my ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and ADHD.

If you’re part of the Egyptology community, you may know me as Tetisheri and be familiar with my work photographing ancient Egyptian artefacts. If not, you can see some of my photography over at my other website:

Support The Lockdown Photography Collective

The Lockdown Photography Collective is being run by a single-person small business. I want to make the community as accessible as I can, so you can join over on Mighty Networks for free. However, if you’d like to help support the community, you can do so by making a donation here.

Every penny is appreciated and will go towards keeping the website, the community and the fun going.

Payments are processed by Stripe which means I personally won’t have access to any of your financial details, nor will they be stored on this website.